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404 Club Castor Differential Oil Arrived!

We are happy to report that our Club order for the special castor based SAE 90 oil for 404 differentials arrived from France. Unfortunately, it sold out quickly as we only had a limited quantity. If you are interested, let us know and we will arrange for a new order soon.

You should think about purchasing if you are using any other differential oil that is not castor based as it will eventually degrade and pit the light bronze crown gear found in all 404 differentials. Learn more about how to drain, clean and refill your rear differential with the correct oil here:

We specialty ordered this oil from Yacco in France. It retails for $29.95 for 2L tin and we are offering it for $24.95 for Club 404 members (1st preference in ordering) and subscribers to our email list. We will ship in USPS priority box for $13.95 which fits 1 or 2 tins for the same price. 1 2L tin should be enough to flush and fill your rear differential. 2 tins will give you 1 tin in reserve.

If you are US Based you can order and pay for your oil here:

If you live in Canada, you can contact Mike Aube to order via email:

Contact us if you have any questions or issues via email:

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