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Le Club 404 Global Registry & Inventory of Existing Peugeot 404s

 Le Club 404 started the 404 registry in 1982.  Mike Tippett has been responsible for growing and administering this worldwide database of remaining 404 CC, sedans, and other models since then. 


Since 2009 when he took on the role, the database of 404s has grown by almost 90% with growth from 1197 Cabriolet & Coupé models registered in 2009, to 2,386 cars on June 1, 2020 and from 732 sedan, wagons and pick-ups to over 4,500 cars. 


It is an impressive documentation of existing 404 VINs, photos, car locations and car histories where possible.  You can search the registry on multiple levels.​  Owner names are always kept confidential.  If you haven't registered your 404 yet, do it today!

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