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  • Le Club 404 french Forum or Blog is a wealth of daily and timeless technical information and advice.  It is in french, but can be used by non french speakers by simply searching the discussion database using translated french term for your issue and then using google translate (or contact us for help):  Forum Le Club 404


  • Peugeot-L Yahoo List Serve Group: Link: CanAm Peugeot-L ListserveDescription: Great list serve of over 2,000 subscribers of mostly North American Peugeot car enthusiasts.  You can subscribe and receive a daily email summary of blog posts and questions or simply access blog conversations and info on website.  Great source of practical and technical advice at times.


  • Peugeot of North America Group:  Link: Peugeot of North America Facebook:  Description: Facebook page with about 1000 subscribers for Peugeot owners in North America.  Good source of technical, practical and parts advice as well.


  • Peugeot 404 Cabriolet Group: Link: Peugeot 404 Cabriolet Facebook. Description: Facebook group for global 404 cab owners from around the world.   Great photos and updates from global owners in multiple languages.


  • French Cars in America (FCIA):  Website:  FCIA Forum. Description:  More of a news feed service on classic and contemporary french car news, but also has a Forum feature and some helpful information.

  • Peugeot Enthusiasts Forum: CanAm Peugeot ForumA site for all Peugeot owners, and has a number of 404 related discussions.

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