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North American Based Peugeot Technical Gurus and Mechanics:


You can always contact Mike or Todd for help with your 404 questions:  Mike is one of the most knowledgeable and connected Peugeot technical and networking resources around having owned and worked on Peugeots for decades and managed the registry. Todd has spent a great deal of time in France, sourced parts with French, German, English, and Greek suppliers and collected a great deal of technical documentation.  Neither of us is a mechanic, but Mike probably could be one and Todd can help you find a mechanic, part or service.  For real professionals, however, you will find some helpful contacts below.



Description:  Mike still works on and restores many models of Peugeots and is active on the Peugeot Forums.  He has some limited parts, but can be a helpful resource to contact for advice.


Description:  Arlo had the 2nd largest Peugeot dealership in the country in 1992 and has worked on and loves Peugeots and french cars.  He still drives and races a 505 and a few others.  He knows a great deal about 404s and is still active with his son in running a foreign car mechanic and sales shop. He is a good person to contact for advice and networking.


  • Ukit Suwantararungsri of US Foreign Auto Repair:  Tel: (626) 442-3733 / Email: / Address:  2809 Peck Rd, El Monte, CA 91733.  Description:  Ukit worked for four Peugeot dealers and Peugeot America as a mechanic before starting his own shop over 20 years ago.  He is a total Peugeot and 404 guru.  If you are on the West Coast he is a trusted resource to use and for others to consult.


Description:  Brian had a number of old Peugeot 404 salvage cars and has a number of NOS parts left.  His supply of 404 parts is limited now, but he has a great deal of Peugeot knowledge and can often refer one to the right place.

Did we miss a recommended mechanic or guru that you know?  Contact us and let us know below!  Thanks.

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