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Changing Wiper Motor Rubber Supports

During our New England winter Cabriolet hibernation, there are a few projects worth tackling. I had a problem with my windshield wiper motor slowing or laboring (not that we drive in the rain often, happens).

I recently removed the wiper motor cleaning and replacing the carbon contacts and springs, etc. Worked much better, but I still noticed it jerked somewhat when rotating and that the 50 year old rubber supports were completely cracked and that the rubber union securing the contact between the motor and wiper assembly gear cage was completely shredded and making no contact with its missing teeth. Le Club 404 recently reproduced a complete wiper motor replacement set for 30 euro so I purchased it and replaced the old set! See photos below. Like new and the wipers work like a charm now.

Before with old rubber wiper motor supports:

After with new club rubber wiper motor support kit installed:

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