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Peugeot 404 Hydrovac Rebuild Service in NA

Many former and present 404 owners in the US and Canada historically used White Post Restoration in Virginia to rebuild their hydrovacs. However, they stopped rebuilding 404 hydros some 5 years ago when they could no longer reliably source components.

Recently, however, Le club 404 in France has commissioned and reproduced a complete hydrovac rebuild kit available for its members for 120 euro + shipping. In order to save on the $200 shipping fee to rebuild hydrovacs in France, we contacted White Post Restoration and negotiated a group discount for hydrovac rebuilds for our NA club members and subscribers They will use the rebuild kits and completely restore, replate or paint your hydro according to your preferences. They test and offer a written lifetime warranty on your hydro. Contact us if you are interested and for more information.

Photos of a recently rebuilt and replated hydrovac for member by Whitepost Restoration:

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