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KF Injection Pump recommended 10W non detergent Oil

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This is an inexpensive single 10W weight non detergent oil with the same exact specifications as the original Essolube 10W oil recommended by Peugeot for the KF pumps originally (but that no longer is available). This Accel 10W oil is available by the quart. Non detergent oils do not suspend debris or inpurities as much as detergent oils, and are often used in close loop systems with no flilters. "This oil is recommended for compressors and hydraulic systems (such as the KF hydraulic heads) which require non-detergent oils. Non-detergent oils are also effective in lubrication of bearings and chains in non-critical "once through" systems."

One can also use a 10w fork oil for motorcycles or even a 5w30 motor oil with detergent if you change often to remove suspended particles.

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