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404 Rear Axle Oil- Yacco - SAE 90 - Bronze Safe Recommended Oil

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Brand: Yacco

404 - Rear Differential Oil by Yacco - SAE 90 - 100% Castor Oil

This is the original recommended castor oil for 404 differentials that is 100% safe for the bronze crown gear and steel worm drive found in classic 203, 403, and 404 rear axles. It is a vegetable based oil and other modern mineral based or synthetic differential or transmission oils contain EP additives (sulfur and phosphorous usually) that attack the bronze gear over time causing pitting, chipping, loud rumbling noises, jerking and then..... eventually no noise because non functioning. The oil will be arriving in April and we are excepting pre-orders now to pay for initial order and shipment.

The 404 rear axle takes about 1.4 litres so if you know you have original castor oil, one jug should be enought to top up and last for awhile. If you are not sure what type of oil you have now or want to change again down the road, you probably could use 2 jugs (the flat rate postage is the same for 1 or 2 jugs).

Vegetable and mineral oils are not compatible and should not be mixed. When they are mixed they form a white waxy goop in the rear axle that is difficult to remove and damaging. If you are not sure what oil you have in your rear axle now, simply flush with kerosene (spinning lifted wheel with reservoir full of kerosene then draining) and then do the same with denatured alcohol. Then add a little castor oil and move around then drain out. Fill with fresh castor and you are set for awhile just topping off when needed.

Castor-based oil is recommended for bronze worm and crown gears on classic vehicles (Peugeot 203, 403, 404, etc.) Castor oil has an excellent viscosity grade and an exceptional lubricatiion ability.

Yacco comes in a 2L vintage metal can.

Specifications: API GL-2, SAE 90

- Vegetable based for a perfect compatibility with bronze and copper materials
- Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection

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